INDUSTRIAL STARTER was founded in 1962 as a company specializing in the production of raincoats on behalf of PIRELLI. Raincoat branded "INDUSTRIAL STARTER PIRELLI" were worn by virtually all ecological operators in Italy. Definitely more mature people remember the workers who wore these typical waterproof rubberized fabric with hat in black.


The real producer as "fassonista" was Mr.. Giancarlo Roncolato, the current President of INDUSTRIAL STARTER Spa, which in 1972 bought the brand and equipment to produce their own.


Over the years and with the evolution of technology, the waterproof stitched and taped it has gone to the "wax-sealed" and a widening range of items sold, for as much since 1980 INDUSTRIAL STARTER become an importer of rubber boots.


The successes and no shortage INDUSTRIAL STARTER always attentive to the needs of the market evolves, so here's the first waterproof PVC and then gradually winter clothing, gloves and work clothes to propose a comprehensive catalog of PPE (Personal Personal Protective Equipment) certified for safety at work. Meanwhile INDUSTRIAL STARTER acquires the distribution of the most prestigious brands in the sector.


In the past 20 years, INDUSTRIAL STARTER from simple importer and distributor, becomes the protagonist in the design and manufacture of clothing and footwear (designed and developed in-house) and products in selected companies and subsidiaries in production. Today, we can say that INDUSTRIAL STARTER is a reference company in the industry with news and assortment. In recent years it has expanded not only in the Italian market but also in the rest of Europe. In Spain in 1990 was founded INDUSTRIAL STARTER SPAIN with a warehouse of 1500 square meters, now the most important companies in the sector in the country with a new warehouse of 8000 square meters 12 meters high. Later it was created INDUSTRIAL STARTER CZECK REP, the smallest of the group as it operates in a limited area, but due to the high demand of our products and the demonstration of appreciation of our seriousness we expect the next expansion.


Last came, in 2012, INDUSTRIAL STARTER POLAND, fast growing early player in this market.


Two numbers can be summarized in brief as described over 50 years of history, more than 100 individuals working within a sales force of over 100 agents, about 20,000 square meters of warehouses and a catalog that offers protection from head to toe. All this has been possible thanks to the quality of the products, the investments made in research and development is not for the quality of service offered to customers.